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Let's keep talking about the "problem", not just ignore it.


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Yesterday I made a post about bad plat, I really love to see people giving their points of view on things that are completely ignored most of the time, I don't know why... but it is like that. For example, yesterday a DE moderator was giving answers to a lot of people, I just read about this bad plat things the day before yesterday, so, I wanted to see what someone who works for DE had to say, and... I got 0 response, not even players cared, the only answer I received was a Whisp saying: "What is bad plat?". My conclusions are:

People ignore the problem, because there is a low probability of ending up in that situation (which is bad).

People don't know anything about the whole situation (which is worse).

I stopped trading the moment I read bad plat was a thing, innocent people paying money because there is 0 effort or interest to solve the situation, and a nice community that does not say anything about it "most of the time"... yeah... I see why bad plat has been a problem since 2014...

This gonna be my last post here, I just couldn't understand why DE handles the situation like this, but hey... Ghoulsaw is OP... ok no...

Sorry, my English is not always the best... have a nice day!

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1 hour ago, Gepsal said:

I see why bad plat has been a problem since 2014

Counterfeit money has been a thing since well money has been around but I am sure you still go shopping correct? I hope you do know that if you happen to be the one holding the counterfeit money at the end of the day you are the one screwed and depending on how much you happen to have you may spend time answering many questions.

The ONLY solution to "bad plat" is for DE to remove plat trading from the game and that is never going to happen at this point. This is why other games do not allow the trading of premium currency.

You have to look at it this way if my steam account was to get hacked right now and someone bought $3000 USD worth of plat and traded it off before my bank flagged it, alot of people are going to get screwed as that transaction is going to get charge backed as it was fraud. I am not saying that it does not suck for those that get screwed but it would be no different if someone took my CC and say hit up several people on etsy those people would also be screwed when the charges were reversed.

EDIT: I would like to add that twice in my life I have been screwed with counterfeit money $20 once, and 100 the other time both passed off during black friday the 100 I received from walmart and 80 of it was caught at target later that day so yeah it sucks.

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As long as a player purchases platinum through official channels (read: via Steam, Warframe official website, etc) then they will not receive 'bad plat'. Purchasing platinum from unauthorized third party sources with real money (i.e. a non-Warframe affiliated website, another user, e-bay, etc) is an EULA violation, and can result in the loss of the platinum with no recourse for the money spent, and possibly even the entire game account. 

If you're receiving a large sum of platinum from another player as part of a trade, you should always check the other player's profile to make sure they are reputable (i.e. significant progress on their account) and not a throwaway account (very little progress); throwaway accounts can be a sign that a user is using that account to ferry items and buy & chargeback platinum. It is always a smart idea to also hold onto a large sum of platinum received in a trade for a while before spending any of it (similar to how banks might prevent a user from immediately withdrawing cash after depositing a check).


And, as always, if you ever have any concerns about a trade, you should contact DE Customer Support

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