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Nidus Prime & Plague Star: Hotfix 30.7.5


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vor 29 Minuten schrieb Dark_Lugia:

But please reconsider the Tenet Diplos' homing burst shots. Make them somewhat usefull.
The Diplos are fun to play till you accidentally aim (often due to aim-gliding) and lose your current gameplay-flow by being stuck to the burst mode.

its not just the flow but also the why...WHY does this weapon have an alternate mode thats just a waste of ammo still.

pls give the alternate fire purpose, like a forced procc of heat or slash for example, some more dmg.....anything that justifies its existence. if something has an alternate fire mode it should be offering an advantage over the primary fire or be at least as useful, just offering other benefits, maybe even with a downside if its much stronger, like some weapons have much slower fire rate with an AoE high dmg alt fire. right now its just a waste of ammo to use the alt fire.


i know im late with this, but:

on the flipside, why is tenet cycron just a tenet-kuva nukor and why is flux rifle an automatic ? we have tons of automatics. is it too much to ask for some kind of "new" interesting feature of these weapons ?

we really didnt need another atomos 3.0 and i was also looking forward to tenet fluxy...but its an automatic...so no thanks....i hoped it was a "bug".

also, maybe consider giving tenet tetra alt fire a slight buff. its straight up a worse stahlta overall.

better late than never, yes yes.

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13 minutes ago, ConanThLibrarian said:

Hunter Adrenaline still does not work with Combat discipline please fix.

That is intentional. Combat  Discipline deducts health but isn't considered damage. You are paying a cost, same as Warframe powers that cost health and shields to use, which are also not considered damage.

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Most of these patches go without incident for me. But this one has completely broken my install. The launcher tells me "Update failed! Could not run the Warframe executable (antivirus software may be interfering)!" It's not - the AV isn't showing anything.

My network adblock (AdGuard Home) logs aren't showing anything meaningful. Changing the Graphics API, Graphics Engine or Launcher GPU Acceleration options in the launcher doesn't change anything.

Generating the logs doesn't provide anything meaningful other than:

  • DxDiag.log: APPRCRASH for steam.exe on WER2 and WER4, MoAppCrash for WER6 (Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay_*)
  • EE.log: Bunch of store item/entity/transmission/object errors for /EE/, /Lotus/, PS:HeightMapParams,

Rebooting doesn't change anything.

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Mission Timers Still Bugged:

Sometimes the mission timer goes crazy and shows 50+ or doesn't reflect actual minutes and something very low and shows 0 secs when u see last mission results screen.


Surely a person can't do 4 zones in 2m 8s.

Arcane icons Stretched post nidus p update:


Yareli Vacuum Still broken: Most of the time if you are playing yareli as a client, vaccum wont work on merulina. Apart from that game doesn't remember whether i was toggle sprinting before getting on to merulina or not and reverts to jogging mode after getting off merulina. Same issue with Lavos vial rush and so many other frames, mentioned time and time again, but in Vain. 

Nidus Prime butt: Looks like a clenched body builders butt when he's posing, pls fix it, i dont wanna watch it 24/7 and i dont have a decent syandana to cover it. If u can fix mesa, u can fix nidus too.


Ghoul Saw: Surely many ppl have mentioned in previous threads, Ghoul saw is a saw, a rotating blade, not a fixed blade, one hit shouldn't just have 1 hit, if i'm cutting wood with circular saw, i dont have to pound it like an axe for it to get multiple hits, i just touch it and it gets multiple hit, so why can't the same logic be applied in the game? i'm sure it'll give the weapon much necessary power. one swing but multiple hits on contact, because of a rotating sawblade.


Edited by krrysis.
ghoul saw
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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Ghoulsaw Butcher's Revelry Stance Changes:

Nice buffs, and nice to see them so quickly implemented!

On a similar note, getting a few number tweaks once in a while would really help the game. For example, Inaros' augment Desiccation's Curse - buff the spawn chance to 100% (since it's still limited by max 3 shadows) and sand shadow duration to "15 x duration" instead of just "15". Easily implemented over a coffee break, while increasing the fun factor of the mod.

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I feel like every move where the saw blade directly connects should have a guaranteed slash proc, also with the mods available to melee non of them have a problem with getting stronger with every hit, it was manly just the stance having some of the weakest damage multipliers in the game so this probably leaves the move forward combo as the weakest combo in the stance now.

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2 hours ago, Chakravikari said:

thanks for the update but rarely sometimes when teleporting the plague star drone with loki it falls under the map, making it impossible to complete

I think this should be fixed in one of two ways. Either fix the drone falling under the map, or fix the teleporting exploit for frames that can displace the drone. Loki doesn't contribute much, if anything, to the open combat sections ability-wise compared to Nova, and while Nova's drone displacement is less reliable, that lack of reliability means less chance of a botched displacement bugging the mission. Basically, don't bring Loki to pugs because if you waste my time with this exploit (Especially since we won't get our consumables back), I'm gonna block and report the Loki in the room. Almost as bad as most limbos in pugs these days, to be honest.

On the subject of the Ghoul Saw stance, let us HOLD melee for both the Forward+Melee and Forward+Block+Melee combos, that way we don't get carpal tunnel trying to tap the button to repeat a short-range dash or the "I'm gonna hold my saw in front of me and walk forward so if you get hit it's your own fault" combos. The ability to hold those combos would go a LONG way to helping us be more comfortable with them.

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