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I am not sure if this effects other platforms or anything, but I have hesitated for a bit with mentioning these bugs since not many people play Zephyr in general (note: discovered the first two with Zephyr Prime and confirmed them by building a normal Zephyr, but haven't confirmed the last one, as it would have cost platinum, which translates to something that would have cost actual currency).

1) Zephyr (Prime) has a slower walk speed than any other frame in any given relay or hub (i.e. Cetus) if you load in as her. I do not know if this is correlated to her passive or what, but it's only specifically when you load in AS Zephyr or Zephyr Prime. If you load in as her, then switch to another frame, the frame you switch to suffers the same problem, whereas if you load in as a different frame and switch to Zephyr (Prime), she has the normal walking speed. So it's basically more tied to who you load into a relay/hub with, not who you are using at any given moment.

2) Zephyr (Prime) does her "aim-walk" (holding LT/aim while moving in any given direction) very noticeably slower than anyone, which can impact how she performs, especially in a game so focused on speed and movement in general. Of course, only noticeable in missions, but they are where you are playing the actual game, so it has a major impact in her gameplay.

3) This is the most recent discovery (just today) that I had made, but if you spend plat to open Config E and Config F for configuration builds via platinum, Airburst Rounds (augment) does not show up as a mod for you to use. I even tried using a different tab AND a different Zephyr completely to put it on, and copy the configuration to one of those two tabs, but it just replaced it with an entirely different mod (Anchored Glide, as I have that mod, and I presume it took the place since it was the first alphabetically with the same polarity).

I'm only posting this now because Zephyr is my favourite frame, and the other stuff was an inconvenience before, sure, but now it's affecting me in ways that involve platinum via my supporting the game with Prime Access and purchasing platinum directly from them rather than just trading. I love this game and Digital Extremes, so I'm hoping that this will get resolved, somehow, at some point. If anyone from DE sees this at all (and they're better than most at listening to issues and stuff), please keep up the great work listening to your fans and playerbase! <3

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