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Ghoul saw stance Butcher's - combo duration, camera, moving and speed


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Good parts:

- Forward + block => hits enemies while riding, this kind of thing what probably some stances missing (e.g. forward + block of Bullet dance). I like riding on neutral speed.

- Block => has nice range, number of hits

- Back finisher -> pretty gory,

- Attack after Slam attack is pretty nice. We don't have to roll to cancel animation.

Bad parts:

1. Forward, Standing and maybe Block combo a little is slow compared to Forward+Block combo. Buff speed a little of those 3 combos.

2. Forward combo looks the same. Without knowing when combo ends I tend to just spam melee key. It hasn't happened with any melee! Either:

- make animation longer (e.g. by repeating) that lasts e.g. 20-30 seconds. We can cancel animations by rolling so it's not a problem. I prefer this option.

- hold melee key to continuously attack - this is what some people want so it might be an option instead

- swap forward and standing combo

3. Block combo forces you to stay in one place for a long time. Let it move (maybe little bit slower than frame's speed).

4. Finishers are too long. Enemy is death already (Inaros sand creatures appears on death) but animations still plays. Make them finish at enemy death.

5. Forward + block combo has not very responsive camera. While you are sliding/riding it's ok (it just lags a little). However at the end of riding camera won't follow melee too much. You can have melee at one corner of the screen while you are facing another one. It's hard to hit enemies that are not in front of you. Either

- make make melee move faster like camera

- or somehow lock camera (cannot move)

6. Forward + block combo sometimes deals very small damage while enemy you are slamming and you are stuck on enemy. The enemy might have very small damage. Is it slam radius fall off damage? If yes maybe increase it?

7. Heavy attack is very slow and it locks you in one place. Suggestions:

- make it much faster

- let us move

- add some effect that stuns (e.g. electricity) or pull enemies in. I prefer this.

8. While not bad, Block + forward could be better. It could be similar to Forward combo:

- start combo (going forward with block you press & hold melee key). You can release any key except melee key, When you release melee key it triggers slam attack

- you start doing combo (going forward with block you press melee key). Frame will start to continuously ride Ghoulsaw. You can release all keys. After you press melee key again it will finish riding and execute another attack in combo (this weird slam attack). I think this is how Ghoulsaw's slam attack works.


Combos names (if some one doesn't know):


Rictus' wraith - standing

Ghoul rush - forward

Rip'n'Ride - forward + block

Reciprocator - block


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