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...Incoming Emergency Brodcast... [Spoilers]


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...Transmission received... .. .Decrypting...


If you are hearing this, an old threat is rapidly approaching our home and time is not on our side so listen carefully, our friends, our families are in danger. They are being taken...

*Static radio silence*

My crew and I have been monitoring anomalies in the Veil in response to convoys going missing, dozens of ghost ships found with no crews.

*Audio cuts out*

They are stealing people, kidnapping them, they didn't kill them because they are going to do them what they've already done to Ballas. They lost their ability to reproduce crossing the void, this is how they are rebuilding their army...

*Sigh* Dammit... it was right under our noses this whole time and we didn't notice... we should have known when we saw what Alad was up to in the clouds... I didn't want to believe that a full conversion was possible...

*Audio jump cuts*

Our coordinator is gone, many believe she betrayed us or that she was never really on our side I dont know why she did it but I still believe she is still in there. Lost, confused, afraid as we once where, If we find her we will do whatever we can to help her.

Fellow Tenno if you can hear this then remember that you've made it this far because you where fighting for somthing greater, Some of you fought for the honor and glory, others fought to reap the spoils of war. No matter how you got here it's up to us now to lift together and push back the darkness at our doorstep.

Be ready Tenno... War is coming...


...End Transmission...


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