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Feedback: Corinth Alt Fire


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Just got the weapon and so far I'm liking it, but after playing with it for awhile I started to get annoyed by the way the alt fire worked. It's when you try to alt fire with 3 or less ammo in the clip and the gun just reloads. It feels very clunky when you aim a shot and instead of shooting you are stuck in 2 seconds reload animation. My suggestion would be to remove this mechanic completely and for balance's sake you can subtract the overused ammo from the reserve.

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On 2021-09-17 at 3:25 PM, pe6oto123 said:

subtract the overused ammo from the reserve

Would be nice, including on other weapons like Stahlta (a single regular shot and you only get 1 alt fire shot, argh why).

Alternatively, scale (down) the damage based on how much ammo was used.

BTW I still would very much like customization options for weapons with multiple firing modes,
not least for Corinth I'd love to be able to have, say, the Airburst on Primary Fire, and "regular" shots only while aiming,
cutting out the Secondary Fire button since that doesn't work while you have your Melee out, making the weapon work much more smoothly.

Just because, copy/paste from a recent topic:


It would be nice to have options, on a per-weapon basis, for how different firing modes behave / are accessed.

Some people prefer mode switching, some prefer direct alt fire, why can't we make everyone happy?

Plus you could add some further in-depth customization, like ...

- choosing which is the Primary and which the Secondary Fire
- choosing the order (and starting position) of cycle-through firing modes, e.g. on Tiberon Prime / Hystrix
[this one would also be nice for abilities like on Vauban / Ivara / etc]
- having e.g. Corinth fire air bursts by default, and the "regular" shots while aiming
[yay instant access to air bursts while your Melee is out]
- making Penta detonation happen upon releasing Primary Fire
- making Penta detonation happen upon pressing Primary Fire again
- having charge weapons start charging upon first press, then shoot on second press
- allowing certain weapons that can't hold a charge currently to do so because urgh why
- making weapons auto-fire once fully charged (whether from holding the button or just tapping it to start the charge)
- making semi-auto weapons fire in full-auto
[especially in light of Fire Rates - see e.g. Akbolto with Lethal Torrent - you simply can't use without injuring yourself / using firing macros lol]
- etc etc

(spoiler tag to slightly diminish the topic derailment lol)

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