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Corrupted mods and dragon keys, rng edit


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this streamlines how you acquire the corrupted mods with vague player choice

ALL the of corrupted mods to be reallocated to 1 of the 4 dragon keys. 

key will open the vault door regardless and the key will be used and burned near the statue so that players with keys can use theirs.

if 4 players have 1 key, party gains 4 mods. 

if you bring all 4, you can only pick one at the statue. this method doesn't require you to carry all 4, but you still can.

this reduces the loot tables so that a player can directly farm a mod of their choosing per key and its loot pool.

4 smaller pools to fish out one mod directly would be easier than from 1 large pool, your guaranteeing the mod to yourself but still reliant on rng.

then you can make X key run parties, and still do randoms and if players have key can trade theirs and acquire mods based on the key they used.




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