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Revenant Thralls not counting towards Exterminate objective


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I'd post a video but I tried recording one and the resolution was so comically low it'd just be embarrassing for me and not helpful to anyone else. Maybe I should try getting decent recording software purely to make bug reports on this game, it honestly happens often enough for it to possibly be worthwhile. Anyway, this screen here shows how many kills I've gotten in total:



And this shows how many kills I've gotten that count as "enemies" for the Exterminate mission objective:



Note the extra thicc Arcane Rage icon at the top, which has been featured on My 600-Pound Life for five hotfixes now.

With that said, as this is an Earth mission, there are Feral Kubrows spawning in which also don't count towards the mission objective when I kill them, so you'll just have to take my word for it that those 51 missing kills are at least partially made up of Thralls. It's not like I'd take the time to kill 51 Feral Kubrows anyway, I don't hate dogs nearly as much as whoever's in charge of balancing companions at DE - but Thralls are a pretty integral part of Revenant's gameplay if you aren't running a Danse Macabre spin2win build, and the fact that he gets hampered this much in Exterminate missions for making use of them feels like a pretty big oversight.

Edit: I think this screencap might give a better picture of what my issue is.



I have literally cleared the entire mission, there aren't any more enemies spawning and the objective waypoint is stuck at extraction. Another nice bug to add to the bunch featured in this post, I guess. But despite all that, the objective is only about halfway complete because most of my kills were on Thralls. Feel free to call me stupid for continuing to kill Thralls despite knowing full well it wouldn't count towards the mission, but what can I say, I was having fun trying out a decent Revenant build for the first time and I thought I'd get more spawns later. Anyway, pls fix this DE thx 🙏

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