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Fissures(relic cracking) on Steel Path.


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I'm sure a lot of the veteran players(myself included) will really want to open relics on steel path missions. i don't think there is any need for something special to get from steel path fissures that are unavailable on normal fissure runs.

if drawing players to fissure steel path is an issue i think adding a bonus void traces reward(for example 20-50% more voice traces) per relic cracked on steel path will be enough. if anything i think that there are plenty of players who will enjoy the extra challenge, farming steel essence and cracking relics on a higher level at once.

this will also motivate a lot of players to play steel path for something more than  just doing higher level missions and hope to spawn many acolytes.



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3 hours ago, (PSN)Madurai-Prime said:

I'm sure a lot more than vets would love it. Literally everyone would spam it. How convenient....extra void traces too....so we can get a resource booster and max out our traces in 20 minutes. 

Bring it on I say.

Aye i just want to crack relics on steel path. Maybe getting some extra void traces would be nice.

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