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Voltacular Statue Contest!

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So, due to this contest, I've now posted my 1st Twitter post & submitted my 1st contest submission. Posting here, not as a second submission, but to make sure it's seen or as general proof that I did submit something for this.

For anyone curious, my color scheme is usually something like this:

  1. Primary/Secondary/Tertiary (depends on what looks best):
    • Black | Smoke - E18 (#121414)
    • Purple (chosen based on which one suits the frame/weapon more)
      • Infested - C12 (#3D0A7E)
      • Twitch - C16 (#7353AD)
    • Red | Classic Saturated - A1 (#520406)
  2. Accents: Gold | Orokin - C9 (#FBC331)
  3. Emissive: Opposite Purple & Red (or Red & Opposite Purple)
  4. Energy: Same as Emissive

For base Volt this is:

  1. Primary: Twitch - C16 (#7353AD)
  2. Secondary: Classic Saturated - A1 (#520406)
  3. Tertiary: Smoke - E18 (#121414)
  4. Accents: Orokin - C9 (#FBC331)
  5. Emissive: Infested - C12 (#3D0A7E) & Classic Saturated - A1 (#520406)
  6. Energy: Infested - C12 (#3D0A7E)

Other things about my submission:

  • Captura: Dog Days (Why not? It's got a lot of light.)
  • Extra Items:
    • Armour: Edo Prime Chest & Knees, Base Volt Shoulders
    • Syandana: Tennocon 2020
    • Weapon: Ohma (Melee) 

For those wondering how I found my colours (likely mostly newbies): Polychrome


Good luck to all submissions!

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  • Warframe0207.jpg?extra=3rr7drg_BIa9-zPtIWarframe0209.jpg?extra=5EqqnvkyQxlVWECzeWarframe0210.jpg?extra=zYswYpDFQuw9S_Zb-Warframe0208.jpg?extra=TytNUu8L4_LJLDTA8Hi, everybody
    I want to show my coloring on the Volta warframe in the Warframe game in honor of #Voltacular.
    Each color in this color scheme, in my opinion, has its own meaning associated with Warframe:
    Dark blue is an almost endless, but very deep plot, in which there are many secrets.
    Dark Red is a dynamic and very colorful game in which you will prove that you can do what others can not.
    White is the care and love with which Digital Extremes treats its creation of Warframe and its loyal players.
    Black is the designation of a very large and diverse gameplay "the darkness of everything", which is very much loved by players and ordinary people. And in the end, this is a game that is constantly developing endlessly, without interruptions.
    And the energy of the blue color is a designation-a comparison of the Warframe game with the purest water, that is, the Warframe game has an absolute and, without exaggeration, a well-deserved reputation without a single spot.
  • P.S.-Well, I will finish my explanation here and wish everyone a pleasant game of Tenno.
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