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Voltacular Statue Contest!

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The submission time window has now closed! Thank you to all the Tenno who submitted their colourful takes on Volt! 

We will debut the winning 5 including the number 1 winner who will receive the custom painted Volt Statue on a special episode of Prime Time on Thursday, October 7th at 7PM ET! See you then! 

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Thank you to all who participated by sharing their Volt screenshots and videos! In response to how many submissions were received, we’ve chosen 10 winners instead of 5, with 5th to 10th place winners all receiving 500 Platinum each.

Forum winners will be credited directly, and social media submissions, we’ll reach out in the coming days with information on how to claim your in-game rewards!

1. Zesty_Sandwich (Custom Painted Volt Collector’s Statue! We’ll reach out on Friday) 

2. NoriakiPoint (Nidus Prime Access!)

3.MMofi (1000 Platinum!)

4. stel_king (750 Platinum!)

5. TrocadoUm (500 Platinum!)

6. MadMozak (500 Platinum!)

7. Death_Spirit_Is_Mine_JY (500 Platinum!)

8.-CCC-Wickjan (500 Platinum!)

9.Endlessarcher (500 Platinum!)

10. Jiandc_1 (500 Platinum!)

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