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Mirage' 2 counter stuck in this particular map and Vauban sucks all Mirage mines(?)


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I'm not sure if they're 2 separate bugs or related. They happened in the same mission/map (today's sortie)

  1. Bug 1 - Mirage 2 counter is stuck
    1. No matter what I did, the counter just stuck at 22, and I think it only happens in this particular map.
  2. Bug 2 - Vauban seems to be sucking Mirage's mines (you can see this in both videos actually)
    1. Later in the mission, I notice something that looks like Mirage' mines were kinda combined into a big ball, possibly got suck by Vauban's ability. Not sure if it's just a UI issue or Vauban's ability is supposed to look that way. But I don't think they're supposed to interact.
  3. Please investigate.

Thank you.

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