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Trading via the phone app


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I apologize if I wrote in the wrong section. Since, I am writing through a translator. But I had a question. Well, or a suggestion.
Just watched a player's stream and he was missing relics. And I thought it would be convenient to establish a trade with such a player while on the road, on vacation, or generally from anywhere using the phone.
For example, add a special trading terminal to the dojo, with the help of which the player from the game could interact with the player with the phone application.

Excuse me for mistakes or tongue-tied problems.

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i think we should get a cross platform trading service. 

to trade and play with players across all the platforms.

and new trading tabs for trading based on mastery rank, one would be for all, then another for players over rank 12. or even a rank 30+ one

if the system was made to allow the app to be used for trading too, that would be interesting

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