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Xbox One crashes when playing in 4k


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When I'm playing Warframe while my resolution is set to 4k, my Xbox will randomly crash.  When this happens, it will either shut the console down complete or instantly hard reboot the console (so far no crashes to desktop).  I have yet to have this happen while playing at any other resolution.  It's probably happened over 50 times in the last three years, and while I have to admit that it's anecdotal to say "only 4k has this problem", this is the only time I've been able to create the issue.

I've had this issue occur in a small handful of other games: Fallout 76, Borderlands 3 (primarily when trying to connect to multiplayer), and Minecraft.  Not knowing anything about the architecture of each of these, I'm not sure if there's any similarity between these that would spark a problem like this.  I know that 76 had a hard crash problem where the system would spool up and it would think it needed to run at 100% briefly, and during that time it would panic and peace out.  Minecraft still has an Xbox crash issue plaguing it, which may be tied to a processor paste issue as well, and I don't know if that could be connected --or not-- (pun intended) to this issue?

If it helps, I have a 1TB version of the Xbox One X.  I play it regularly each day, more or less.  I have a stable internet connection at home of between 100-400Mbps.  I've had the issue occur at four different locations, hooked to 5 different 4k televisions (some HDR compatible, some not), as well as when streaming it to my laptop via the Xbox App.  Usually, the error occurs during a loading transition, such as exiting Cetus into the Plains of Eidolon, but occasionally it is in the Orbiter as well.  My Xbox Live name is Egorimus, and the issue most recently happened at 2:51 EST 09/24/21.

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I have been having this same issue for the past 6-8 months. I will be playing fine, and then out of nowhere the whole console crashes and I have to do a hard start and reconnect my external hard drive. I have the same console (X1X) My most recent occurrence was approximately 5 minutes prior to posting this. My crashes aren't during transitions or loading screens, but generally just in the middle of a level, or in this most recent case, I was in the Necrolisk and had just talked to Daughter when the crash occurred.

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