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New Corpus Units to synergize with Sensors and Turrets, while allowing them to exist in Endurance/Long missions.


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I doubt I need to tell you about the Corpus Sensors and Turrets found in Corpus tilesets, primarily the Ship tileset.

Unfortunately, compared to say, the Kuva Fortress. These more often than not end up being completely useless. So I wanted to suggest some units that can repair, replace and upgrade them.


Spotter: A Osprey unit armed with a weak gun, or perhaps no gun at all, but armed with a mobile Sensor, capable of triggering Corpus defences like turrets and laser gates when detecting Tenno. This would allow Corpus defences like laser gates and turrets to still exist even after all Corpus sensors have been destroyed by allowing spawning units that can trigger them. They produce an aura which causes nearby Turrets to be invulnerable to damage while the Spotter is alive.


Holo-Engineer: A Comba/Scramba unit, works primarily as a supportive unit, choosing not to deal damage directly. Uses hologram/specter technology to replace broken Corpus Sensors and Turrets, it has two behaviors if there is nothing to replace.

Behavior 1. Places down 2-3 holographic cover, similiar to the Grineer Blunts for Corpus to take cover behind. When cover is active, it will choose to duck down behind one of these for increased survivability, as the cover is removed upon expiration.

Behavior 2. Augments nearby Turrets/Sensors. Turrets will be given a holographic sensor, and sensors will be given a holographic turret. Allowing both to function independantly.


Ensnaring Moa: A Moa unit armed with a weak Cold status based rocket launcher. The damage of this isn't meant to kill, rockets direction doesn't follow the player and the AoE is rather small. But will be telegraphed by a blue laser, similar to Grineer snipers, giving 1-2 seconds to anticipate it. It also produces an aura that causes active nearby laser gates to proc the Cold status effect if you attempt to force through them.


Alone each will be a considerably trivial threat, but together they cause Ships defences to be taken rather seriously.

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