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Naberus Pending


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I was thinking about this but the Devstream thread is locked;

Naberus Demon Wings? Awesome they'd rock on Garuda especially.

Naberus Demon Wing Ephemera- perhaps not.


Currently we have a pair of shoulders as armor and a cool bat swarm ephemera already for the set soo why not make the wings either an auxilliary or if those are frame-specific; a syandana?

Imagine it.. your frame soaring evilly through the night surrounded by a swarm of bats and it sports pinions just like it's furry minions.

Compared to- nice shoulders but either the bat swarm or the wings... having both would be waay more boss level and a cooler aesthetic than two ephemera for one set, unless you plan to make it saay Naberus Ephemera Prime where you have both wings and bat swarm as one thing... that'd be totally awesome too :p

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