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Forma & Mastery Rank Dev Workshop

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really great change to see. cheers DE

Still waiting on multiple weapon / warframe slot purchases on the market rather than individually purchasing them at a time

same with ttransmuting more than 4 selected mods at a time. just transmute the entire stack if there is more duplicates of the same mods

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I still think starting rank of gear after formai'ng them should be whatever your mastery rank is. 

This would affect weapons too. 

Then say, this would give leg ranks something to work for, as say at legendary rank one your necramech or rank 40 weapon could start at 31, then 32 for leg rank 2 etc. 

This is a really cool start though, but for me it is not so much the abilities unlock or levels, but the excessive re-leveling that gets tiresome. But I understand DE probably doesn't want to do things that lower amount of time played, thing is, I'd still play, just actual full missions instead of spending my time leveling. Just a suggestion.

This is still cool though. 

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"When we first introduced Forma years ago, Warframe was a much smaller game. We had fewer weapons, fewer Warframes, and way fewer Mods. "

Ngl. you got me in the first half.

Thanks for a little qol feature, but after i read the first sentence - i thought it would be about addressing the forma income-spending rate.

Other than lua method, 24 hours 1 craft , or once in 2 years PS - you don't have that many options other than buying it .
And an active player easily spends 10-20x weekly .
But probably the biggest problem for me -> no stance for exalted weapons+ not enough capacity with the max forma on non-kuva weapons.

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Not quite related, but as far as QoL things go in the Arsenal, would it be a fair idea to suggest equalizing all Aura mod capacities to the amount of Steel Charge, so that one may not feel like they need Steel Charge just to have enough capacity for a given build (Or in some cases, actually needing that Aura mod)?


If that would be a bit much, then the next best thing I can think of is either allowing legendary ranks to add another point of mod capacity, or equalizing Auras to 8 instead of Steel Charge's 9 (As a compromise, but I don't see the harm in all Auras at +9 capacity). I just wanted to bring this up since there are a lot of QoL suggestions around, and it's been on my mind for a long time off & on.


Hopefully this won't be the last of the upcoming QoL changes, considering how many were suggested for the Devstream thread, Yareli and the Ghoulsaw. Not to mention Necramechs still don't have passives. I'm looking forward to the Devstream though :)


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I meant to say how many were suggested on the Devstream thread, not Dev Workshop.
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Appreciate that, but a quality of life for reapplying Formas to the following would be more appreciated as well:

  • Paracesis
  • Kuva/Tenet Weapons
  • Necramechs

While the Mastery from applying 5 Formas to the above isn't required anymore, those who wishes to pursue that path will only get to reapply a Forma once the weapon/equipment reaches its new max rank.

My suggestion: anytime any equipment that is capable of reaching over Rank 30, you could reapply a Forma once the equipment is at Rank 30 or above. Simply put, you don't need to relevel the equipment its new max level (i.e a 2 Forma Kuva Karak needs to be at Rank 34 to reapply a Forma).

This was in fact an old bug when the Paracesis first came out in October 2018, which helped made reappling Formas less of a hassle. It would be a nice quality of life to these equipments if you decide to implement more of these "over Rank 30" equipment in the future.

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Could you please let us stack polarities in the same slot? If we Forma a slot with a V polarity, and then Forma the same slot later with a D polarity, it should end up as V+D. Any V mod or D mod should be compatible in the slot. This change would be a massive enhancement to player convenience and build diversity, without losing you Forma sales as Forma would still be needed for each desired polarity. It might even increase your Forma sales as people would be able to use more builds.

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