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Mobile UI from devstream?


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7 hours ago, bad4youLT said:

Given how much of pain it would be to use small parts of UI on mobile screen I don't think this is taken from mobile version or very least has not been worked on yet .

Looking at quality of that picture i would say its not even direct screenshot but more like picture taken of 1 device with another device
But then am i the only 1 that thinks we should at least see in that situation mobile overlay?

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7 hours ago, (PSN)robotwars7 said:

you guys keep checking the UI, I'm just gonna admire the immature genius of seeing a kitgun named "Crumbguzzler"..

Yeah they lost their :poop: in the Stream over it. CJ1Iq.gif

The UI I'd say would be the same, though on mobile being able to pinch the screen to see the menus closer.  UeTBSft.gif

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