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[UI Suggestion] Add a forma count for weapons/frames to the squad load-out list in the escape menu


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Hello, long time PC player here and forum lurker. I’m normally a solo/duo player, but the various times I’ve opened up public matchmaking, I’ve often found myself with squad-mates using a weapon or frame that seems way more powerful than I’d expect, or perhaps with an apparently unleveled weapon in a high level mission. I’ve thrown this idea around before, I hope this can get some traction or some discussion going.

I always check the load outs of my squad mates, out of curiosity more than anything, and in these instances, a brief forma count on a weapon/frame in the squad screen would help players understand what squad mates are doing/capable of. Is that a newly built ignis wraith being brought into a high level mission (low starting mod capacity)? or is it a 6 forma ignis wraith, going for the 7th (high starting mod capacity)? In either case, I can make a guess as to the strength of the weapon if I know the forma count, same would go for warframes. 

This information could be easily available, and I just don’t know where to find it, this just seemed like a simple solution. It also seems like a nice way to indicate how much effort has gone into a weapon or frame or even an entire load out when playing with other people; I feel like if I saw someone running a load out with 14+ forma across multiple weapons I’d definitely compliment, or ask for build links.


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i appreciate that your reason for this has good intentions, but what i see tht will come out of this is that people will segregate and judge each other based on the number of Polarities added, as a more==better segregation. 
it's illogical and dumb, but people will do it anyways.

if you are so curious as to what a Player is using, try asking them. they can even Chat Link their Weapon after the Mission is over and Et Cetera. so t hen you can even see what Mods they're using too.
i know it isn't as automatic, but i'm.... not sure this feature will have the positive result that you desire.

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