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Velocipods doing AoE damage to the player upon capture


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Note: AoE = Area of effect

TYPE: In-Game (free roam on the Cambion Drift)
DESCRIPTION: Velocipods are doing AoE damage to the player upon capture; more specifically, whenever the velocipod "bounces" after being hit by a tranquilizer dart (and hasn't stopped moving after being hit) or "bounces" due to the 'capture drone' picking it up upon capture. The AoE damage is significant enough to kill "glass" frames very easily sometimes. (Sometimes shield gating kicks is activated, due to how significant the damage can be).
VISUAL: Not my video, but some one the WF reddit was kind enough to record how badly this can occur (they actually get killed by the velocipod while trying to capture it)

Reddit link:

REPRODUCTION: Go to Cambion Drift and try to capture any wild velocipod (occurs on any of the three. Purple velocipod, Green velocipod and presumably white velocipod) 
EXPECTED RESULT: The velocipod shouldn't be doing damage to the player, or have any AoE damage either.
OBSERVED RESULT: The AoE damage from the velocipod occurs usually during capture, or when it hasn't stopped moving after being hit by the tranquilizer dart.
REPRODUCTION RATE: Semi-consistent, depending on situational circumstance (again, only occurs when the velocipod "bounces". I went to do conservation today, and the shields on my Ivara kept getting depleted whenever the velocipod "bounced" either due to the capture drone, or if it wouldn't stay still after getting hit by the tranquilizer dart (usually on the slime water))

OTHER NOTES: Unrelated, but if using something like Wyrm's Negate, it can partially mitigate the knockback/AoE damage.

(Also unrelated, but I don't think White Velocipods are properly spawning on Cambion Drift, throughout all my recent testing for this bug, a few hours, not once could I get a white Velocipod to spawn in the catabolic gutter)

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