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White Velocipods don't seem to be spawning at all on the Cambion Drift?


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TYPE: In-game, specifically the Cambion Drift
DESCRIPTION: I was trying to do bug testing for an unrelated Velocipod bug. I could get Purple and Green Velocipods to spawn, but never any White Velocipods. I believe that their spawn is broken. Note, I tried searching in both Fass and Vome time, neither of them had any White Velocipods roaming around during those times. I went looking for specifically White Velocipods for a few hours, and couldn't find any at all in the catabolic gutter.
VISUAL: NA (don't have a video)
REPRODUCTION: Try and find a white Velocipod on the cambion drift.
EXPECTED RESULT: White Velocipods should spawn around the catabolic gutter in the Cambion Drift
OBSERVED RESULT: Couldn't find white velocipods at all, for the few hours I was out on the Cambion drift, doing nothing conservation activities.
REPRODUCTION RATE: I guess 100% of the time? I can't find any white velocipods at all, on the current PC build of WF.


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Hey! There is no bug with the White Velocipods spawning, i managed to get quite a few of them today (altho not as many as the Purple/Green ones since they're obviously more rare).

From what ive experienced they only appear around the Undulatum where there are a handfull of wildlife spawn locations but only 1 species of wildlife can be there at each time (either Cryptilexes, Vulpaphylas or other Purple/Green Velocipods) you have to either kill or capture the spawned ones, to get a chance to spawn White Velocipods however there seems to be some kind of cooldown before anything new spawns there so keep flying around the Undulatum checking the other spawn spots, if it takes too long tho go back to Deimos and reenter to reset everything.

best of luck !

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