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the game incorrectly gaining standing on syndicates that i didnt ally myself with, and making me lose standing on syndicates that i allied myself with


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Here is what happened, some background info, i was at max rank with hexis, suda, and steel meridian. I had about 35k standing for suda and hexis, and about 15k standing for SM, i was at negative 2 rank with red veil, perrin and new loka (-44000 standing for all 3 syndicates). I have NEVER allied myself with these 3 syndicates and have none of their sigils. Before i joined a plague star run with 3 other players, i put a meridian sigil on my warframe to try and gain more standing for SM. I made sure that i had not only the correct sigil equipped, but also that its the ONLY sigil equipped on my frame. During the mission when i pressed tab to view mission progress i noticed that i am beginning to earn new loka and perrin standing, as their number went up from -44000. At the time i thought that this was merely a display/UI bug so i ignored it. But after i extracted from the plague star mission and went back to my orbiter to try and buy an augment from SM, i realized that i also managed to lose SM standing, to the point where i was deranked from max rank to rank 4 of the syndicate. Meaning not only i gained new loki and perrin during the mission, when that should be impossible, but i also lost SM standing as a result of that. I have no idea why this happened and i am pretty sure this is a bug and not intended. I am wondering if other players have experienced the same issue, and if there is a way to get back all the standing i lost for no reason

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