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Garuda bugs


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 Garuda first ability and 4th ability  will randomly fire off during charges .

she can't dodge or roll during these abilites .

normally she could also do these abilites in the sky where she have more move ability, more chance to cover the team .

now she a sitting duck in air and ground level, since she cant dodge and will randomly waste energy with her 1 and 4 firing off at random .

i've been experiencing these bugs since lavos was added , i unistall and re installed the game but its still there . 

these is the frame that i always come back to warframe just to play as .not matter how good any frames are it just dosent feel right that she the only one who cant use her abilites to get in and get out. if she cant dodge or control her abilites  there is no risk reward , she just becomes a some one the team has too baby sit .

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