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Kubrow AI


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I was in the beta for Warframe. I didn't stay long. Completely forgot about it... until an email arrived. The Mad Cephalon. Seeing the Kubrow in the image had me check it out and I returned. That was in 2014. 6 years ago. The AI hasn't been updated much since. They'll still strike at the air in front of a grineer whose AI had it step back to fire. Instead of seeing no contact and moving to close in. This, of course, is no problem for the Corpus Hounds since they can equip melee mods, including Reach.


With Moas, hounds, Kavats and Vulpaphyla there are plenty of pets who can fight. However time and time again I return to the old and true companions who I love. The Kubrow.


I wouldn't post this if I didn't have an idea. Companion stances.

Right now there are skills set into mods. Why not use companion stances that have those programmed into them. Freeing up 2 slots and giving additional mod energy. They could also each have their own AI on how the Kubrow acts in battle. The current skills that would go into the Stance would be locked to the breed of the Kubrow but with Companion stances you could introduce more stances, generic and specific for each type.


I do not expect it now, not with the big update in the works... but it would be nice to see it in the 2022 list of things to do.

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