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waverider quest is hell


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On 2021-09-27 at 4:03 PM, Hobie-wan said:

But hey, you do you. Buy her with plat or ignore her. Nobody's forcing you.

I did in fact buy Yareli with Plat once I got into the quest and discovered how Difficult the K-drive portions were for me. I guess I'm just not coordinated enough. I am fine with that, had plat to spare.


however, even after. while maybe not a 'force', I do feel like I'm being Emotionally Blackmailed to still complete the quest. Because poor Rocky is still comatose; even if I go to my Codex and Deactivate the quest, she remains comatose when I visit Fortuna.



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Have you tried going through the progression of Kdrives? A lot of the mods for kdrives make tricking scores very easy. 


Also as a note if you hotkey the gear wheel slot that you have kdrive on you can fly to the top of the map in an archwing and do a lot of the tricks on the way down. Hope this helps! 

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(partly because I really enjoy these little snippets of video and think they're cool to see on the forums)

Here's a 75% speed video of the bunnyhop thing I was mentioning earlier. It's not too hard to pull off with a little practice, and doing it down an incline is a little easier than doing it up one:



I find that there's a little lee-way to tap the jump button just before making contact with the ground.

I actually scraped myself off during this chain and though it was funny, but opted to not show it; I don't think k-drives are in a good spot to show silly wipeouts at the moment

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On 2021-09-25 at 6:48 PM, calliph0re said:

Honestly the worst part about the quest wasn't the tricks and combos in my opinion, it was the K-Drive slam kills. I can kind of appreciate teaching all those different moves, but killing stuff by jumping on them with a board is so slow, cumbersome, and clunky it just feels completely antithetical to what the theme of the quest and its respective frame is supposed to be. Would be nice if it had some directional movement and AoE, like slam attacks since Melee 3.0, but I guess it doesn't matter much to me now since I've done the quest and have no reason to use K-Drive slams ever again.

God, this.  I had done the grind for all the Kdrives for mastery as well as done the grind for standing to get all the mods from the VK for my collection so I knew what I was doing and didn't have any issues with the quest aside from frequent bugs and the tediousness of it all.  Except the stupid slam kills.  That was pure misery.  Enemies won't leave you alone on the open worlds until you need them, and suddenly they're all gone.  And the hitboxes are so finnicky.  I know from the "No Brainer" achievement that enemy head hitboxes are already wonky, and to try and hit them while on one of those stupid boards was a nightmare.

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On 2021-09-26 at 1:48 AM, (PSN)zj0ker20 said:

Yeah, I think they should make it so that K-Drive Mods can be acquired by completing races.

And maybe make the basic K-drive modable then. Cause I sure ain't going to build a special K-drive just for this. But I also don't know if the quest really needs the modifying. I've only completed 1 page of the comic because of how boring it(ed: K-drive-ing) is(plus I just don't enjoy orb vallis as an environment).


On 2021-09-26 at 6:44 AM, sitfesz said:

Just wait until they tie a warframe quest to shawzin challenges.

Don't give them ideas...

On 2021-09-28 at 11:46 PM, (NSW)Electropuncher said:

I'm tempted to delete it now, but I'm sure the second I do they're going to add something to it.

Yep, they added something that belongs in the chem lab into the bash lab alright. You called it.

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