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K-Drive First Person bug


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I am repeatedly getting an issue where my K-drive (used in Fortuna, if it matters!) will, seemingly at random inputs, force me into semi-first person camera where my camera centers directly over my warframe's head, instead of being focused behind my warframe. It changes back to the normal camera position upon holding shift to dash, but the instant I stop dashing, it re-centers over my head.

Getting off and on my K-drive does not fix the issue but re-launching it entirely sometimes does.

I'm not sure what input causes it to start happening, as sometimes it starts from dashing, sometimes from doing jumps, and sometimes from starting races or simply getting on my K-drive after dismounting.

I've seen this bug mentioned before on various forums, but never with a fix and never with anyone reporting it having happened repeatedly. Does anyone know of a fix? It's making it very hard to use my K-drive!

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