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Choice overload (too many customization items) - Bring in an option to hide or sell currently unsellable items


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So I'm a relatively long-term player with an excessive number of appearance items. These include both earned items and purchased items like syandanas. In the latter case, there are a lot of syandanas that I bought when I first started playing that I will never use again as I prefer more recent syandanas. Ideally, I'd prefer to just be able to mark those items somewhere as 'hidden' so they aren't seen when I go to customize a warframe, but I would accept just being able to delete them. As for earned items, like sigils and helmets, the same applies. I have a lot of syndicate sigils and other sigils that I just have no use for and find it baffling that I can't delete them. If I have a 13% syndicate sigil, I'm simply never going to equip a 5% one.

This would also be nifty for weapons. I recently went through my arsenal and deleted well over half of my weapons, including a lot of Primes. I didn't want to do this, but every time I went to choose a weapon I hadn't used in a while, I simply got overloaded with options and would default to 1-3 favorites. It's kind of similar to how you look at your Netflix queue and end up just choosing something you've seen before. I'm not asking for any change to slots or anything, just the option to hide some weapons without deleting them.

Related: Why can't I sell a Hildryn blueprint? I didn't realize I'd already fed her to the Helminth, bought one and now it just sits in my inventory.
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