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Stats aren’t recording


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Gooday. Ok so basically my Excalibur which was my starter frame when i first started playing the game i’d love to have it as my most used warframe but for some odd reason it never records my kills or the amount of exp i gain from missions. 
I’ve ran several tests to see if it ever records my stats after each mission such as spy missions too gain an amount of exp or running a survival mission and using exalted blade to count as my kills. I’ve done it several times and in the end it still never records end results. Currently at: 
XP 22,487,727 
Kills 136,500 
Its been like that ever since Raids were removed or When plains were released i can’t remember exactly. This isn’t a huge issue but i’d really enjoy showing that i’ve gain a certain amount of exp for my first and favourite warframe despite his multiple nerfs. 
If it is done i will be ecstatic and I’ll be able to use him alot more often 
Anyone had any issues with this with a different frame or weapon

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