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Nightwave task completed notification not disappearing properly


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Hello, so, as the title says. Not sure what may be causing it, so I will mention the steps I've taken for it to happen.

  1. Go to Cetus and start a Plague Star bounty;
  2. Finish bounty in which you partly/fully completed a Nightwave task (to show notification at the end of mission);
  3. Wait for all other loading screens and end of mission results to disappear/get closed;
  4. Get left with a non-disappearing notification.

Working solution: Returning to Orbiter removes the bugged notification.

Additional issues: if this happens, you HAVE to return to Orbiter. Even if you start another bounty, it will not go away. You will see it all throughout the gameplay and it can also stack with another one. Not particularly problematic/in the way, but still annoying and wrong.

Additional notes:

  • It is repeatable. At the time of this report, it has happened to me four times in total.
  • I am not entirely sure about this one, but I think it happened only when I was not the host.
  • I don't think any particular frame/weapon matters, as I was experimenting with which setup works best in the bounty. I have used Rhino/Nova if I remember correctly. I cannot name all the weapons I used as I swapped them out almost every run and I'm not able to remember them all and in which instance.

I am adding a screenshot of this bug, in which I finished a Plague Star bounty run where it occurred and I went to the starting platform in front of Cetus.

I believe that is all the necessary information I can provide.unknown.png

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