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Diaraloper - 4 barrel - 4 Element Primary/Secondary


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Before i went to sleep i kept thinking about a 4 barreled gun that could proc Heat - Cold - Toxic - Electricty in each shot

As i woke up just now, the name/image was right there as clear as day, i tried to draw it and color it as i saw it.

it had 2 big blue canisters, with a metal casing/white silver rod in the center, and 4 barrels at its end.


-The Diaraloper was the name above it, like if in a rewards screen. (when you get blueprints or something)

This gun has the ability to do 3 things, 1 Tap to fire short round bursts of all 4 bullets at once (fires 4 shots per round, each shot is an individual element)

Hold to charge up and fire a bigger barrage, where you will fire the entire clip in 1 round. (like a burst fire but all 8)

Or push the right stick in to lob an explosive bubble goo payload, like a big stug. the bubble explodes.  (4 big blob balls that explode, each an individual element)


-The Gun has a base Status of 35%, on the single quad shot, burst shot, and goo bubble bombs.

It has a Magazine of 16, ammo pool of 180. critical chance of 18% and critical multiplier of 2.1x

----- [Projectile type - Hit Scan] Bullets are similar in a way to the Tenet Flux Rifle bullets, but the bombs are like a bigger stug+kompressa

{Tap] The single shot fire rate is 2.17 (1 magazine per shot) Each shot is an individual damage of (25 Heat - 25 Cold - 25 Toxic - 25 Electric)

^Tap quick shots do less damage but have 0 recoil on them. more accuracy, but less burst 


[Hold to Charge] The bust fire fire rate is 13.64 (charge up to  fire off all 16 rounds of the magazine, it is the entire mag every time, even with mag mods) 

(35 Heat - 35 Cold - 35 Toxic - 35 Electric) ^Charged burst deals more damage, but has a ton of recoil from the massive barrage unleashed


[Secondary button} The bubble goo bomb fire rate is 2.17 (takes 8 magazine to fire the 4 blobs) ( 200 Heat - 200 Cold - 200 Toxic - 200 Electric)

^The bubbles are all around 2m in size and explode within a 4m radius each deals its damage as its own entity.



There was 2 things i was thinking about for Elements and Multishot on this gun.

1: elements do not combine, so you couldnt add any of the 6 combinations on this gun, instead they apply the buff directly to the barrel. 

(if you add in heat and toxic, it wouldnt add gas to the 4 elements, it would just buff the heat and toxic individually)

2: Not sure about multishot, but if it did mutli, it would be individual as well, where if you had 100% multi it would fire 2 bullets from each barrel shot. 

(Base 4 bullets per shot, Tap/Hold, +100% = 8 bps, 200% = 12 Bps.)

^But, the goo blob bombs, do not gain multishot, maybe. not sure if they blob grenades should have multishot.

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maybe the 4 barrels could combine with another element to create a combo, but it would be in order in some way.

Altering only the barrels per element infused. in order of 1 2 3 4, heat cold toxic electric.

so if you added the 4 elemental mods, like cold toxic electric heat, the 4 barrels would each change to blast viral magnetic radiation.

it would always only allow 4 elements, but maybe allow you to manipulate those barrels, in order. or something weird.

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vor 5 Stunden schrieb (PSN)Tomplexthis:

aie yes, the hystrix, it cycles between the 4, but the Diaraloper fires all 4 at once, per shot.

so it is possible, but still interesting, i have a riven for that gun, but havent used it outside of mastery.

that would be way too broken especially now with primary/secondary conditon overload. it would be good against everything basically unless its dmg would be abyssmal.

the hystrix already offers an insanely powerfull special property. a primary version would already be very good. having a weapon which basically has all 4 modes at once asks for a huge downside that would make it nigh unusable or it would just be power creep 5.0 in my opinion.

the best bet would be a primary hystrix in my opinion.

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