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Igaro Syandana causes a weird cylinder in front of a warframe's torso


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i purchased the igaro syandana earlier because i really love how it looks and i noticed a while later that i had a weird small cylinder floating in front of the warframe's chest? sometimes if the warframe is small enough there seems to be two cylinders and the second one is perpendicular to the first one. i've tested the syandana on equinox prime, excalibur umbra, gara prime, harrow, hildryn, ivara prime, khora, mesa, nova prime, octavia prime, protea, sevagoth, titania prime, volt, wisp, and yareli and it appears on all of them aside from sevagoth, excalibur umbra, and hildryn but i feel as though its because these warframes have wider and thicker torsos? i hope this is enough details as it is simply a visual bug of sorts and nothing gameplay related!GSwLbFn.png

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I've noticed this more recently on Trinity Prime with deluxe skin and multiple syandanas, seems to be a bug related to graphics engine? it went away when I swapped to classic


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