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Tenet melee elemental procs on slam attacks



Since tenet melees from ergo glast can proc innate elements on slam attacks, is it worth it to grab an innate toxin/heat for the proc? Or is the percentage chance too low to make a build for? 


I tested in the simulacrum to confirm it does indeed proc, but I'm not exactly sure building an innate element for heavy slam procs would be worth it for an entire build.

Right now my builds are innate electric so I'm hesitant to fuse (grinding holokeys for experimental builds is not my idea of fun).

Any input or advice is welcome.

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1 hour ago, (PSN)Madurai-Prime said:

You would probably be the first person to ever make a slam attack loadout.

Unless you mean heavy attacks?

I've tried slam build with Exec.... sadly most things doesn't work (or the change is very small). I mean Exec' feature: shockwave that hovers enemies in air.

You get Seismic wave that adds +200% slam damage. Sounds nice on paper. However Exec deals 2 damage on slams. 1st affected by all kind of damage mods etc but has small radius. Other (shockwave) has more radius but deals very small damage. Seismic wave works on 2nd (smaller) damage.

Slam effect of Exec is not affected by radius mods.

Mods that adds new types of damage (e.g. Toxin) isn't added to it.


Things that works:

- Shockwave seems to proc some kind of status. You can use it for procing Void status with Xata's whisper (Xaku) or, I guess, Saryn (below video). I haven't tested other frames.

- Life steal on heavy attack is easy because you are doing slam+roll that are fast.

- Things that adds damage via ability seems to work but I haven't tested them (except Xaku I guess).


To be honest I'm disappointed with this. Well... maybe not disappointed. A lots of non-basic features (slide, slam, heavy attacks etc) aren't affected by too much mods. One that affect them might for example some damage (e.g. Exodia contagion).  Even heavy attack windup speed mods are not perfect.

38 minutes ago, LillyRaccune said:

Saryn's Toxic Lash also encourages these procs (or her Spores, I forget).

There is one build with Saryn + Exec:


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I know slam attacks have multiple procs when using hammers like Arca Titron. Saryn's Toxic Lash also encourages these procs (or her Spores, I forget).

Of course there are some weird weapons that only proc certain elements when using Slam Attacks.

Should you make a special melee build just for that purpose? Eeeeh, no I would not recommend it.

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