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Mirage 2 Breaks Hemocyte Behavior


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Mirage Prime Build: https://i.imgur.com/4tHxUAD.jpg

I also only used Acceletra. Sleight of Hand and with the Augment. I was Host for an open multiplayer squad of 4 in both encounters.


  1. Run Plague Star as normal through all 4 stages.
  2. Upon bringing the Toxin (4/4 fully charged) to the Boil, start the event.
  3. Use Mirage as normal (using any of her abilities, principally her 2)
  4. The boil spawns the Hemocyte.
  5. When the Hemocyte starts to attack, use Mirage 2 every 5-15 seconds, as you would normally for mob loot drops.
  6. Hemocyte will break periodically and to varying extents. It may or may not finish attacks, then go to its neutral animation and stay there for 5-120 seconds.
  7. It will continue to react weirdly whenever Mirage 2 is used, but it will do so in differing ways. Generally, the Hemocyte will spend more time 'standing around doing nothing' in its natural, at-rest invulnerable state.
  8. Stop using Mirage 2 and it will eventually return to its normal behavior. The more Mirages using their 2s on the Hemocyte, the more it seems to break and for longer duration. An encounter I ran with two Mirages broke the Hemocyte for multiple minutes in its invulnerable state. The other run broke for 5-30 seconds by myself.


Reproduction rate is fairly high; I could do it on-demand almost, but it never broke in the 'same exact way'. It seems the differing cycles of the Hemocyte and Mirage 2 intersect strangely. However, there were noticeable differences when I did or did not use Mirage 2. Its behavior seemed entirely unaffected by 1, 3, and 4. I'm not sure if its the cast of Mirage 2 by itself or the ledgermain boxes, as the Hemocyte rarely moved into mine fields spawning further away.

Hope it helps.

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