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Quick Resume on XSX hangs at login


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Previously exiting Warframe and restarting would result in the full loading cascade: logo, static image, launcher, update specific backdrop, Excalibur seated, login, my frame seated, daily reward.

If you quit the game from Xbox home sidebar it still does this.

However, some attempt seems to have been made to support XSX's Quick Resume, as it pops in the top right as the game skips most of that cascade: straight to Excal seated. 

But then if I login it spins forever and never starts.

It's quicker to exit, quit, and full restart than Quick Resume.

Worse, you can't actually quit games that are stopped but cached for Quick Resume - you have to start, leave, quit, start again.

This makes Warframe actually worse with the half-baked Quick Resume than no support at all.


- It should quickly resume, or...

- It shouldn't try to quick resume when login only works with a full restart.



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