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Tenet Arca Plasmor feels like what Weapon Ephemeras would be like if they existed.


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Just got the Tenet Arca and to my surprise, the effects do persist if other skins are applied, and it's great.

Here's a Default vs Nyx Deluxe vs Deimos Supporter Pack skin comparison.





I really hope whether this is intentional or accidental, it is not only kept. But embraced as a new line of weapon cosmetics. Because it looks genuinely great.

Not to flex, but my fashion frame if you're curious to see its appearance when customised.




Even if it was split by weapon type, it'd be interesting to apply the effects of both the Kuva and Tenet effects on other weapons.

e.g. Tenet Bow Ephemera, Tenet Rifle Ephemera, Tenet Shotgun Ephemera, Tenet Speargun Ephemera, Tenet Pistol Ephemera.

etc, etc. Same for the glowing weapon tips from the Kuva lich weapon series.

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one thing I do like is how the Tenet weapons have those unique details. and I'd definitely be up for Weapon ephemeras, because there'd be decent potential:

- Bloodstained Melee weapon Ephemera: looks like your weapon is covered in the blood of your enemies, would look great on various blades. 

- Gunsmoke Primary/secondary Weapon Ephemera: a cloud of smoke from your gun's muzzle after each shot.

- Overheat Primary/secondary Weapon Ephemera: the barrel of your gun glows with the heat of sustained fire. would look awesome on LMGs like Quellor or Soma Prime.

- battle-worn Primary Ephemera: your rifle or shotgun is covered in dirt and has scratches on it, from past battles.

I for one would be willing to pay plat for weapon ephemeras done right.


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