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Weird but annoying bug


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First of all, I'm from south america, and can't access a proper internet, thankfully i can still play almost completely normal with my ping. Same goes with an IRL friend of mine.

The issue: Sometimes, I don't know the pattern, when I give myself energy via focus school, getting back to control the wf, it won't allow me to shoot, roll, throw abilities, attack with my melee or even bring the operator out, the command unstuck doesn't fix it, and i can either:
a) try to get killed.
b) wait until the game decides it's been enough.

But I can hardly be killed because both my friend and the game detects that I'm lying on the floor, half cliping through it, and make the enemy miss by a lot. And waiting would be around 15 minutes or even more, I haven't experimented with it.

Also, there's a little bit of info I kinda came up with. Whenever I'm the host, it won't happen to me, but it will happen to my friend, and so it goes the same way around.

This didn't happen to me before, at least, a couple years ago, before I had to forcefully leave the game.

I hope I'm not posting this complain after other 142 people did. So... yeah, I'd like to hear a solution like another command or something, or that you already where working on this issue and it would come out in a close future. Thanks.

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