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Forma/Adapter Suggestions


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Exilus Adapters (all types including weapons and Warframes)

They're called Adapters

Why don't they ADAPT to the Exilus mod That we slotted in

Because you already used a forma to craft it anyway

Why should you forma it again to change its polarity just to use another mod and ruin the rest of the builds

Another thing about this is

Weapon exilus is weird , we can put quality of life mods like Flight speed , suppression, stabilizers etc

But why can't we use Reload

It's a quality of life anyway

And speaking of Quality of life , why can't we use Flow or Primed flow on Warframe Adapters

It doesn't give any power , but it doesn't make sense to play with 180 energy just because I have to choose between a good build or a Weak build that has more energy 

Speaking formas and Adapters

What's with the 5 forma thing these days

Why do we have to 5 forma a Kuva/Tenet weapon to get the whole value of it

Just make it 2 forma (giving 5 extra levels each) and then you're free to do whatever you want with the weapon

And maybe let the forma actually reinforce the weapon/Warframe

Sure thing after you use a tool and take care of it trying to max it out a couple of times, it should get stronger with all that right ?

At least make the 2 forma thing Global to all weapons /Warframes (without the Xp/Mastery idea) and getting an extra 10 Polarity space

And maybe you can add 15% extra damage/(something cool for each weapon) per forma , to the maximum of 2 times

And the rest of the spent formas are player choice to do whatever they want

These are all quality of life changes that give players value to their hardwork rather than making them equal to someone that has the same setup and the same power with no effort at all

Thank you

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i dunno. flow would fit pretty well in an exilus slot. Yeah formas kinda are lackluster. I think they could be revamped way better and be much more rewarding instead of being an ocd thing because you can't fit ONE mod, you have to add another forma... it's kinda wack. I heard someone say it has to do with dps when it comes to reload. if you can reload faster, you can do more damage over time but i think it's a farfetched idea but it's still a possible reason. yeah tenet and kuva weapons are buggin. it sucks that we need an event to get the required forma for all these wacky weapons. I think that's something that is really open for improvement. forma is a doodoo system. I think it mostly stems from the leveling system being a drag that requires you to slog through hydron 5 times. 75 waves to level a frame while doing nothing fun or valuable.

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Yes, you're right and I know that

But when you make a feature in a game and no one uses it because 

You add Exilus to the game but the weapon has good recoil , good projectile speed, and maybe you don't need the ammo mutation mods.

That means you don't need to use the Exilus slot because it's useless and Still it has a polarity problem because this is dumb in the first place.

But no one is gonna complain about quality of life and usability mods

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The whole exilus concept is shoddy and built on a poor concept which tries to seperate dps mods from non dps mods. 

All mods impact DPS in one way or another , it just rather arbitrary on DEs part to say one set of mods is ok while another is not.

As to the need for forma , it's kinda self explanatory.  It's so you farm / buy more forma.

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