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Railjack Artillery is acting like a Wing Turret


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Missions: Various - Last encountered Hosting on Void Proxima - Flexa (Void Storm - Skirmish)

When attempting to use the Forward Artillery I randomly have it somehow replaced with a copy of the Zetki Talyns I use on my Wing Turrets. Sometimes the bug affects the entire crew, meaning nobody can use the Forward Artillery, which in turn means we are forced to destroy crew ships from within. This takes noticeably more time than being able to just shoot the crew ships down. On one occasion this has caused a blockage in mission progress because I could not shoot Reactor Weakpoints in the Corpus Volatile mission mode.

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Hi Tenno! 

There is no bug here :)

I don't remember when, but [DE] added the possibility to switch weapons while in the forward artillery. (same key for switching from primary to secondary). Just try to switch weapons and all will be fine (I hope) 



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