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Sands of Inaros


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Hello everyone <3

I wanted to do the "Sands of Inaros" campaign

Unfortunately, when you bring a filled vessel and pick up a new one, nothing happens. There is always the same inscription: pick up the vessel (We should be attacked by monsters - for example the author of Khonziel on Youtube shows the sequences) I checked several times, I cannot finish the campaign.

Tomorrow I will check in a different language of the game, maybe there is a problem here :3


By the way, there are a lot of bugs after last patch. In the Capture in Void mission, I accidentally walked on the roof (double jump and the figure grabbed the beam and climbed onto the roof). dditionally: On the Earth in drill missions, I have no descriptions of these devices. I have no descriptions of the power and durability of these devices. Ember Prime sometimes does no damage with skill "4" - Before the patch, I had no such problems.

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