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Confront Vor bugged


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I’ve tried to complete the Confront Vor step of the Vor’s Prize series of quests around 10 times now, to no avail. The first stage goes fine. I get him to 75% health, he puts up his shield bubble, and from then on, he’s broken. He no longer teleports around the arena and whenever I deplete his shield bar, it immediately gets refilled and he pops the red bubble back up with no chance for me to do more damage to his health bar. He slowly gets pushed to whatever side of the arena I’m facing until he hits a wall and that’s where he stays, spouting his taunts, and spawning endless adds.

I tried this a few different evenings to see if it was just a bug the day I started but nope, still happening. So, as it stands, I’m unable to progress. I can only abort the mission and then play in the few zones open to me this early.

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