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Weapon and Necramech usage stats in Profile are incorrect


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Both Voidrig and Bonewidow show 0% usage, even though both have 5 Forma and I use Voidrig a lot in Railjack and open world.



Weapons used by spectres are counted towards player weapon usage. For example, my spectres use Proboscis Cernos, which I never use myself, yet the usage is at 2.2%. The same applies to Railjack Crew, which boosted my Basmu usage to 3.5% even though I never touch it myself.



Using a Secondary version of a Kitgun adds usage percentage to it's Primary version as well. For example,  I use Gaze as a Secondary A LOT. It's my most used Secondary, at 27.5%, but I don't even own the Primary version, yet I have a 11.1% usage on it, making it my second most used Primary. Unlike the Spectre issue above, where the kills and EXP they would gain while using it are not displayed, here, the stats are identical for both weapon versions.


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