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Fortuna Bounty Gameplay Unresponsive - Bounty failure prompt during Mission Failure countdown to main menu causing entire game to become unresponsive


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Encountered a bug causing complete unresponsiveness of the game during a solo SU bounty in Orb Vallis, "Resource Theft", the interception stage, Level 30-50.

Was just intercepting cases when I died without any remaining revives, prompting a Mission Failure. I saw myself ragdoll upon death as usual. The Mission Failure screen was as normal, beginning a countdown to returning to the main menu when Eudico's usual voice line when losing an interception case appeared. That was the third interception case lost; thus prompting a Bounty Failure.

I was actively contesting them over the case, so when I died, the enemies were likely still capturing the cases. Therefore, bounty failed because they captured a case when I was in Mission Failure countdown.

During the countdown to Mission Failure, the Bounty Failure overrode Mission Failure, causing the Mission Failure screen to disappear and the Bounty Failure notification to appear and conclude, with Eudico's normal voice lines in it. That returned the entire screen to the regular gameplay visual where I had died in Orb Vallis without HUD elements, but I was unable to move. Warframe was in a bleedout animation with no prompt to revive as opposed to the ragdoll. 

The menu could still be accessed using 'Esc' and still interactable. Attempting to "Abort Mission" failed as "Mission could not be aborted as it has already been failed!". Aborting mission still had options to abort to either Fortuna or Orbiter, and had same messages about losing all progress and rewards, followed by the same "Mission could not be aborted..." message.

Enemies were frozen but SFX effects such as the Shield Osprey beams and typical blur effect of bleeding out and dying were still present. 

Upon accessing Mission Progress section from the menu, menu and other elements of Mission Progress was no longer interactable and the game was entirely unresponsive. Only way to exit the game was to close the application, which still prompted a "Are you sure you want to leave the game?". 

Additional Details:

  • There were no internet connectivity issues
  • Was using Maxed Frost Warframe, Broken War, Vectis and Atomos with conventional, extremely basic builds and easy to acquire mods 
  • Unable to reproduce the timing that likely caused the bug - i.e. the Bounty Failure halfway through the Mission Failure countdown 


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