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Cedo Alt-fire doesnt work properly with Hecaton Shotgun Skin


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When the Hecaton is equipped, the Cedo will not alt-fire the disk as its supposed to. It only fires 1m in front of you as if the disk were a melee, aoe attack without the disk bouncing. Please fix this DE. I'd love to play Cedo, my favorite shotgun, with that awesome skin. Otherwise I'd be really damn sad to have paid for the Nyx Collection D:

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LoL.... There's no nice way for me to say this so I won't even bother Trying....

Don't Use The Shotgun Skin on The Cedo ...

The Cedo is actually a pretty Weapon... Maybe not as Pretty as the Hecaton Skin but meh... It's pretty enough.... But more importantly.... The Default Cedo Skin lets you know if the Glaive has or Hasn't Returned yet by looking at the weapon itself.... It's hard to tell if you put the Skin on....

So.... You know.... Don't put the Skin On The Cedo.... Save it for the Hideous Kitguns or Corinth Prime...

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