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Effigy + Guided Effigy buff


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As Nyx gets a mini buff I thought I might share my idea of a small buff for his iconic 4th ability.



Effigy should have a higher threat level.

If Effigy gets damaged while Vex Armor is active it should count towards the Fury proc.

Reduced energy drain.

The beam attack should connect to 2 more enemies.

The melee explosion should do an explosion proc and not launch them away.

It should have a damaging aura if Elemental Ward is active.

Guided Effigy

Effigy shouldn't move to the destination but instead teleport there instantly because it takes way to long for it to arrive, the movement is buggy as hell, it often doesn't move even if you command it multiple times to move and it gets stuck on the terrain.

Still should do the scream instantly after the teleport.


As a side note I think Guided Effigy should be standard and the augment should make it move around like the Wukong clone.

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I could definitely get on board with those buffs.

1 hour ago, Tsoe said:

[DE]Scott Said something along


Chroma should benefit from sevagoth traitment with a fully modable effigy (and maybe modable spectral scream) it was 3 Dev streams away

man that would be really awesome

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