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Prisco | Necramech concept |


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Name : Prisco


Description : Made shortly before the advent of warframes, Prisco is an advanced necramech designed to be able to fight numerous enemies alone, without having excessive problems. Its body isn't overly tough, and it's not overly fast either, but its abilities simultaneously give it stamina, agility, and the ability to inflict serious damage on large groups of enemies without taking risks.



Hp : 1.050 --> 3.150

Shields : 500 --> 1.000

Energy : 125 --> 300

Armor : 400

Speed : 1.00


Ability 1

Launch an explosive at an enemy that detonates on contact, connecting that enemy to every other in a wide range. When an enemy takes damage, they all take damage. When one enemy affected by the link dies, the others take very high damage.


Cost : 25

Cast range : 50 meters

Explosion radius : 15 meters

Explosion delay : 0.2 seconds

Damage dealt to enemies when one of them die : 35% of dead enemy max health 

Ability 2

Quickly teleport in the direction you are looking at, increasing your movement and fire speed for a few seconds. You can only teleport if there is an unobstructed view between you and the teleportation point. Hold to see the destination.


Cost : 50

Teleportation max range : 35 meters

Movement speed : + 45%

Fire rate : + 50%

Buffs duration : 6 seconds

Ability 3

Tap : Redirect energy to your shields, overloading their capacity, resistance and regeneration speed. If your shields are reduced to 0 while the ability is active, the ability will deactivate, causing an explosion that will damage and block enemies for a few seconds.


Cost : 15 activation + 5/s

Shield capacity bonus : + 375 base shields

Shield regeneration speed : + 85%

Shield regeneration delay : -50%

Shield resistance bonus : +50% damage reduction (up to 95%)

Explosion radius : 20 meters

Explosion damage : 100% max shields as electric damage

Enemy block duration : 3 seconds

Hold : Redirect energy to the weapon you are currently holding, overcharging to increase damage, rate of fire, and accuracy. Killing an enemy while this ability is active will regenerate some of your energy.


Cost : 15 activation + 5/s

Damage bonus : +125%

Fire rate bonus : + 55%

Accurary bonus : + 50%

Energy regeneration on kill : 10 (unaffected by mods)

Ability 4

Pull out the necramech's built-in custom weapon combo, consisting of a shield and a fully automatic firearm. The shield is capable of reflecting any type of bullet back to the sender, protecting you from an unlimited amount of damage, but at a limited angle. The firearm is a fairly compact submachine gun for the standard size of weapons used by necramechs. The weapon is capable of firing automatically. When not aiming, the SMG activates an automatic aiming system, which redirects shots to the enemy closest to the point you are aiming at, in the viewing angle. When aimed, the shield extends, providing more coverage, and the SMG deactivates the automatic aiming system, revealing its extreme accuracy and increasing fire rate.


Cost : 50 activation + 5/s

Shield bock angle : 95° | 165° while aiming

SMG autoaim range : 75 meters

SMG autoaim angle = FoV

SMG stats


Precision : 80

Magazine capacity : 120

Reload time : 3.5 seconds

Reload delay : 1.5 seconds

Fire rate : 6.5 | 11.5 while aiming

Trigger : Automatic

Noise : Allarming as hell

Critical chance : 40%

Critical damage : 2.5x

Status chance : 30%

Damage : 350



Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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