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Console exclusive cosmetics vs crossplay/save


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Hey yall, its always been an issue where consoles had exclusive skins and a pc had a couple skins that were unique to the platform. I'mma be honest here, as a pc player ive always wished we could get the playstation and xbox skins and im sure a few of you are in the same boat. 

I'm writing this since a new playstation exclusive ivara skin and cosmetics has been announced during a time when theyre supposed to be working on crossplay/save. Does this mean to get these things in the future we'll have to purchase multiple consoles just to get them on our accounts? If not then why may I ask are exclusive skins still being made and released at a time when the game is now on so many platforms. 

And if thats really going to not be an issue for most, where are our exclusive pc skins? Tennogen does not count because thats made by the players. Twitch doesnt count because thats requiring twitch prime access subscription. 

Really what im saying is please just release all the skins everywhere. Its ridiculous to gate content behind platforms, especially when youre planning on making those platforms all talk to eachother. 

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