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A new warframe idea


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Hey I have this idea for a new warframe   I am calling her Lobsteria,her 1st ability:  she can use her crab arms be to use as a melee weapon and the lobster claws and be used to yeet stuff or can be used as finishers to decapitate Enemies 2nd ability:Enemy and she can create a giant flood of tiny crabs and devour Enemies and sometimes can be also used to heal her self (how I got that idea is red crabs eats thier own children) Third ability your choice DE.Why not make her ultimate to summon a maw This is how she looks like also my friend gave the name and my friend sensed the pic 

http:// https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://i.imgur.com/hQ5T7Fz.jpg&imgrefurl=https://imgur.com/t/gundam/9V3zSKy&h=2015&w=1511&tbnid=6RXcBBFQxf7hvM&tbnh=259&tbnw=194&osm=1&hcb=1&source=lens-native&usg=AI4_-kRRooUVb-mFY72n0k2v3peQXkxsCw&ved=0ELLNBQgAKAAwAA&docid=LJOYPqmnCFgVUM

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forgot some details
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