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Railjack: Corpus Proxima Mission Rework


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Corpus proxima, really disappointed in terms of mission variety. The missions we got are exactly the same as the normal star chart missions. So I came up with some ideas for these mission types in railjack. I know DE is probably very busy with the new war, but that doesn't need to stop them from taking notes for later.

I believe after new war is made, they should turn their attention toward railjack and really working on it to make it something players enjoy, because as it stands now, the majority of players agree its just normal star chart missions with an added taxi (at least the corpus). Something else i think they should do is improve void storms by making fighter ships drop reactant, but thats not what this post is about.

This post is about what mission types we have, and what changes should be made to make them feel more like railjack and less like the normal star chart. So these are my suggestions for what to change about each mission type.


Mission types

Simply make them corpus skirmishes. With or without taking down 1-2 stations, doesn't really matter to me, so long as the majority of the mission is spent in railjack, not on foot.

I'd say keep them mostly as is, maybe add more to the end where you use the railjack to strike weak points of the ship. This mission is the closest to a genuine railjack mission aside from skirmishes, that isn't just a copy from normal missions IMO, though it needs more in railjack.

Change from just a normal defense, to a railjack defense. Essentially, make it so your defending a stranded ship from waves of fighters and crewships. Maybe even make the stranded ship a solaris ship or syndicate ship, this would really help tie things together.

Keep mostly the same, only instead of going onto 1 ship, make them multiple. Make it so each "data vault" is on a separate station/ship, and you need to disable defenses/security on the outside with your railjack before entering.

Turn the tables. Essentially instead of life support being delivered by lotus, have enemies steal life support from the railjack. In order to get life support back you need to either board or destroy crewships. Destroying them will drop a bubble of life support, that flying through with the railjack will restore life support.

Maybe even have enemies teleport onboard via corpus capital ships, we know they can already teleport enemies onto fortuna. The goal of the mission shouldn't be for a "lone tenno operative" to scavenge, but to draw attention away from a sector, towards you to allowing allies to sneak past, or something of that effect.

Remove from railjack. This mission type really doesn't belong in a gamemode like railjack where your going ship to ship, its an entirely on foot mission, and belongs on the normal star chart, like the event was. This is essentially if disruption missions were in railjack, it doesn't really fit, and is entirely unnecessary.


exterminate -> corpus skirmish.
volatile -> mostly the same, extended end section.
defense -> defending a stranded ship with your railjack.
spy -> going from ship to ship, getting data vaults on different ships.
survival -> drawing attention away from a sector, having enemies steal your life support, needing to steal it back.
orphix -> move to normal star chart.

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I support this a lot!

Spy is something I had in mind to get a rework for Railjack too, the exact way you have pictured it out, one smaller ship = one spy vault.

Perhaps this could be spiced up even more by adding a new avionic/intrinsic that makes sling-shot players be invisible, so you can fly throu a swarm of ships that orbit said Vault, watching over it, or you can simply blow em up real pretty so they cannot trigger any alarm, after sending a disruption pulse to stun them. Tacticool choices :)

As for survival, well,  prefer my own concept derivated from your original idea, but it still works.

Regarding Orphix, it could stay on Railjack if done properly as described on my post about the subject. Even with that in mind, it really needs to be looked at one way or another.

Also, why not add interception to? Similar to the archwing version of it, but with three nodes instead so that 3 tenno scouts capture the towers, and the pilot acts as their vigil.
That way the avionics for archwings could start being used, as I am sure they have been forgotten as many other mods. But then again, it wouldn't be optimal to build an archwing support-focused battleship, so if only we could change our Plexus at the end of the previous endeavor to go for one of these afterwards... ;P

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