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Warframe concept: Shapeshifter/Monster


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Was thinking about it while working on a different Warframe concept art. Don’t know what you would call them but was thinking of a weaponized shapeshifter Warframe. Not talking about the lightweight change base physical appearance stuff but truly morphing ones body (like Venom or Parasyte.).

Theme: Shapeshifter/Monster Warframe

1: A fleshy grotesque design as the idea leans more on the monstrous side of shape shifting. This would be a being more in line with Jeepers Creepers and The Thing as Abilities would revolve around changing it’s appendages (or growing new ones) and bone structure to offensive or defensive capabilities while “assimilating” enemy corpses to activate these abilities. These would be things like Turning it’s arms into blades, Hard cartilidge like growths to absorb damage, Growing wings, ect. It would use biomass (perhaps as Heath?) from dead enemies to use these abilities and make them stronger instead of energy. This Warframe would be geared towards exterminate, Survival, and assassination missions and not be as effective in stealth oriented missions.

Aesthetics: a more fleshy like appearance with bone like structure that is metallic in the center. Higher biomass will increase the size (if biomass is represented in health then taking damage may cause size to dwindle and eventually show the center.

obviously not much thought has gone into it but thought it could be a neat idea…

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