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Inspired by Allomyrina dichotomus concept design


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Name: Vavilovian
Passive breakthrough
Hit the locked console with a long-range weapon
Can simplify the complexity of the unlock interface

1 Technology-Wormhole Grenade
Throw wormhole mines on the ground and the enemy you step on will fall directly into the wormhole
After 1.5 seconds, the enemy who fell into the wormhole will become his own power again (become his own power

2 Technology-Psychedelic Resonance
Squeeze and rupture the poison sac in the thigh with one foot
A large amount of hypnotic poison was released throughout the body, and the enemy fell into a coma

3 Technology-Highly Toxic Phosphorus Powder
Quickly flap the wings to beat the poisonous powder,
Enemies contaminated with phosphorous powder will become viruses,
And there will be a mark on the head, and the enemy unit with this mark on the head
Or a fire attack within the range of this phosphor powder will cause
Detonate a large-scale blast

4. Infect the clone
Use the tail clip to make an instant tail kick attack on the nearest enemy unit
Enemies attacked by the tail will be infected by the appearance of this armor to look the same as Vavilovian
But there will be a mark on the head that is easy to be recognized by us
Enemy units in this state cannot attack us.
And will attract attacks from other enemy units,
When an enemy unit attacks the unit, 2 or 3 skill states will be triggered at the same time
Enter a state of virus and coma
And the body of the battle armor will be affected by the phantom
The appearance of the attacking enemy unit before the unit's death
During espionage during the phantom,
Will ignore all the defense systems and monitoring equipment in the house




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